Apr 30

Federal panel says everyone 15 to 65 should have HIV test

Citing recent evidence that HIV infections are best managed when treated early, an influential panel of medical experts has finalized its recommendation that all people ages 15 to 65 be screened for the virus that causes AIDS. The recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force seeks to address one of the key challenges in the fight against HIV/AIDS: The ...
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Apr 22

Los Angeles approves incentives for developers of homeless housing

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday made it easier for developers of housing for the homeless to get access to millions of dollars in city funds when they agree to include public storage, toilets and laundry facilities for people who remain on the streets. ...
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Apr 19

Free meningitis vaccines offered in Los Angeles to curb concerns

Los Angeles County health officials announced Thursday that the meningitis vaccine would be made available at no charge for low-income and uninsured residents amid growing concern about the potentially deadly and rare infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord.Read the full article at the link below.  ...
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Apr 2

HIV-AIDS research finds women more likely than men to get sub-par treatment

Researchers in British Columbia researchers say they've found that women are far more likely than men to receive sub-standard care and treatment after they test HIV positive. Findings from two studies by the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV-AIDS say barriers to treatment and care are leading to higher death rates and transmission among women with the virus. Dr. Angela ...
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Mar 19

Studying drug-resistant HIV in Los Angeles County

Widespread use of anti-HIV drugs in Los Angeles County could reduce new AIDS cases by almost 40%, but would also double the number of cases in which the virus had developed a resistance to drug therapy, according to a USC and Rand Corp. study. The paper, published Monday in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, comes in response to growing support ...
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Mar 11

Study: Bee Venom Kills HIV

Bees could hold the key to preventing HIV transmission. Researchers have discovered that bee venom kills the virus while leaving body cells unharmed, which could lead to an anti-HIV vaginal gel and other treatments. Read the full article at the link below.  ...
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Mar 3

Baby Born With HIV Apparently Cured, Say Scientists

 A baby born with the virus that causes AIDS appears to have been cured, scientists announced Sunday, describing the case of a child from Mississippi who's now 2 1/2 and has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection. There's no guarantee the child will remain healthy, although sophisticated testing uncovered just traces of the virus' genetic ...
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Feb 22

Tuberculosis outbreak: Health workers ID 4,650 at risk in L.A.

Health workers have identified about 4,650 people who were probably exposed to a persistent outbreak of tuberculosis on downtown Los Angeles' skid row and are trying to track them down for testing and treatment. Read the full article at the link below. ...
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Feb 8

Report Finds Mass Incarceration Undermines Efforts to Address Domestic HIV/AIDS Epidemic

As the nation prepares to mark National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) on February 7, the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) and Housing Works, with support from the Ford Foundation, have released a new report titled “Mass Incarceration, Housing Instability and HIV/AIDS,” examining the intersection between incarceration, homelessness and HIV vulnerability, especially within the African American community. Read the full article ...
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Jan 17

L.A. Council backs creating city ID cards, asks for bids

Los Angeles City Council members Wednesday gave enthusiastic backing to the creation of a controversial city identification card that could be used by illegal immigrants to open banks accounts, borrow library books and pay utility bills. Read the full article at the link below... ...
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