May 4

Chickenpox virus can cause stroke in HIV patients

Patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can, in rare cases, experience bleeding on the brain that causes a type of stroke called intracerebral hemorrhage. A Loyola University Medical Center case study demonstrates that a virus called varicella-zoster can cause inflammation of blood vessels in the brain. This inflammation, known as cerebral vasculitis, can cause both hemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic strokes. The study ...
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Apr 15

Medicare Announces Coverage for Annual HIV Test

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced this week that it has expanded coverage to include one, annual voluntary screening for HIV infection for all adolescent and adult Medicare beneficiaries between the ages of 15 and 65, without regard to perceived risk.  Coverage for pregnant Medicare beneficiaries will remain unchanged. The addition of routine annual HIV screening to the ...
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Apr 7

Housing Discrimination Because of HIV/AIDS is Illegal

Persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) face a number of challenges that are often amplified by stigma and discrimination associated with the virus. To many, discrimination acts as a barrier to meeting basic needs such as shelter. HUD’s Office of HIV/AIDS Housing, which administers the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program, and its Office of Fair Housing and Equal ...
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Apr 7

Needle Exchange Program Begins In Indiana County With HIV Outbreak

AUSTIN, Ind. (AP) — Health officials in Indiana on Saturday began a needle-exchange program Saturday in a county where an HIV outbreak among intravenous drug users has grown to nearly 90 cases. Scott County's needle-exchange program was created through an emergency executive order signed by Republican Gov. Mike Pence in an attempt to curb the state's largest-ever HIV outbreak. Pence's 30-day ...
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Mar 26

Indiana to declare public health emergency over HIV outbreak tied to IV drug use

Indiana’s governor is preparing to declare a public health emergency over a rapidly spreading, intravenous drug use-linked HIV outbreak in a rural southern county. At least 72 people — all tied to Scott County — have been infected in southern Indiana since December, and another seven have preliminary positive HIV infections, health officials said. Scott County usually sees about five cases ...
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Mar 12

HIV can be controlled by genetic engineering

A therapy that involves modifying DNA cells has proved effective in controlling HIV without drugs, and trials have been expanded and extended. The treatment works by infusing patients with a dose modified white blood, or 'T cells’, so the patient becomes largely resistant to HIV. Although current HIV regimens can control the virus, they can have side effects and a number people ...
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Mar 10

Functional HIV Cure Step Closer To Reality With FDA Approval Of Clinical Human Trials

A possible “functional cure” for HIV has recently been granted FDA approval for further human testing. The method uses genetic modification to cause a specific mutation in the white blood cells of HIV patients which mirrors those found in the naturally immune. It has so far shown to be both receptive and long-lasting. The novel therapy involves taking stem cells from ...
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Feb 23

US could cut HIV transmission rate by more than 90 percent, CDC says

More than 700,000 of the 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States are undiagnosed or not receiving care, a population responsible for 91.5 percent of the transmissions of the infection in 2009, researchers reported Monday. Diagnosing even some of those people, starting them on antiretroviral drugs and keeping them in treatment could have a large and immediate effect ...
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Feb 11

With more patients insured, county trims HIV medical care spending

Los Angeles County officials on Tuesday cut back on contracts to provide medical care to AIDS and HIV patients, citing increased numbers of people now insured under the federal healthcare overhaul. The move to cut $4 million from the contracts, paid for with federal monies, marked the latest clash between the county and the powerful nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation, one of ...
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Feb 10

Jamaica on track to eliminate mother-to-child HIV

Jamaica, according to the release, has demonstrated commitment to eliminate HIV among children through its leadership and investments. UNAIDS reports that in 2004 the HIV transmission rate from mothers to children was 10 per cent and by 2012 the rate had dropped to below two per cent. The organisation attributes the success to the Government’s investments, improved collaboration between national, regional ...
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