Jul 18

HIV establishes viral reservoirs with surprising speed

In a sobering discovery, researchers say that rapid treatment of HIV-like infections in monkeys failed to prevent the establishment of persistent viral reservoirs in as little as three days. The study, published Sunday in the journal Nature, comes on the heels of news that the so-called Mississippi Baby -- a child once considered functionally cured of HIV due to antiretroviral drug ...
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Jul 17

Those with HIV living longer

THURSDAY, July 17, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Overall death rates for HIV-positive adults living in Australia, Europe and the United States have been cut 28 percent since 1999, according to new international research. Deaths from AIDS-related causes dropped more than one-third among the HIV-positive adults in the study. Cardiovascular disease deaths declined by almost two-thirds, while deaths from liver disease were ...
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Jun 10

The Atlanta Principles Urge CDC to Act Now on HIV Prevention

Led by ACT UP New York, a coalition of advocates has presented the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a document titled The Atlanta Principles, according to a statement from the Treatment Action Group (TAG), which is part of the coalition. The document provides a series of proposed actions the Atlanta–based CDC can take now to significantly improve HIV ...
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May 21

In Light of Obama's Strategy Aimed to Decrease HIV Cases, A Breakdown of HIV/AIDS Cases in West Texas

PERMIAN BASIN -  Tuesday was the four-year mark of the release of the first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS stragegy by President Obama. It's goal is to decrease the number of cases nationwide and to improve the health for people already living with the disease. NewsWest 9 takes a look at the differences seen in West Texas. West Texas makes up less than ...
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Mar 1

HIV Among Women

Fast Facts • One in Fast Facts • One in four people living with HIV infection in the United States are women. • Most new HIV infections in women are from heterosexual contact (84%). • Only about half of women who are diagnosed with HIV are in care, and even fewer (4 in 10) have the virus under control. people living with HIV infection ...
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Feb 10


Overview Homeless and unstably housed youth are particularly vulnerable to contracting HIV.1 Facing the immediacy of basic needs and with few resources at their disposal, young people are often dependent on survival strategies that place them at increased risk such as substance abuse and survival sex – trading sex for food, money, or a place to sleep.2 Without access to health ...
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Dec 11

AIDS healthcare group takes new approach to city's health services

Under fire for seeking the creation of a city health department, a foundation is now urging the City Council to create a citizens' panel to oversee health services that the city receives from the county. Read the full article at the link below.. ...
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Nov 7

108-unit apartment complex opens for homeless residents on skid row

A sleek apartment complex opened Thursday in the heart of skid row, offering what backers hope will be a beacon for the neighborhood's homeless residents and a portal to an increasingly revitalized east side of downtown Los Angeles. Read the full article at the link below.. ...
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Oct 28

Health Law Broadens Coverage Possibilities For Many People With HIV, AIDS

Stateline reports how the health law will broaden benefits for many of the 1.1 million Americans infected with HIV, especially those who live in the 25 states that are expanding Medicaid. Meanwhile, the Obama administration stresses that information an individual submits to sign up for health coverage cannot be used to enforce immigration law.  Read the full report at the link below.. ...
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Oct 14

Affordable-housing advocates push for citywide policies in LB planning document

Mary Zandejas has resided in a small apartment at 7th Street and Redondo Avenue in Long Beach’s Belmont Heights district for 18 years. Though living with polio since childhood, she was able to manage.But things changed in 2002 when an accident left her wheelchair-bound and unable to use her own bathroom. Now, her biggest challenge, she says, is finding an ...
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