Mar 2

One way to address California’s housing crisis: turn dying malls into housing

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Thursday, March 2. Remember the mall? Of course you do — the pinnacle of consumerism and youth culture for generations of Americans. My teenage memories of the mall are soaked in neon light, with essential stops at the Vans store, Hot Topic and Game Stop. I’d gawk at the risque shelves at Spencer’s, ...
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Feb 28

Black and Latino homeless people rank lower on L.A.’s housing priority list

    For most of the last four years, Chantel Jones lived in a homeless shelter on Los Angeles’ skid row, hating the danger, noise and confinement: “You feel like you’re in jail, but you’re not in jail,” she recalled. Like tens of thousands of other people dealing with homelessness in Los Angeles, Jones, who is Black, entered the housing system through an ...
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Feb 11

Mayor Bass orders list of vacant city properties where homeless housing could be built

Opponents of the hotel, which is planned on land once occupied by a city library, said such publicly owned property should have been reserved for affordable housing. They are still hoping Bass will intervene. “We think the mayor should do everything she can to uphold the spirit of her directive and make sure that affordable housing is built at this location,” ...
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Feb 6

HUD Announces $315 Million to Help People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness including in Rural Areas

  HUD has announced, $315 million in Special Notice Of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Competition Awards in approximately 30 states for 173 local homelessness programs across the U.S. These Special NOFO grants encourage coordinated planning among a variety of partners that include healthcare, Public Housing Agencies, other HUD-assisted housing providers, and people with lived experience. In the coming weeks, HUD will be ...
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Jan 27

‘Gimme Shelter’: Will Newsom’s new mental health plan reduce homelessness?

    Later this year, Los Angeles and seven other counties will inaugurate Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new plan to address severe mental illness by compelling treatment for people who are in serious crisis — one of his signature efforts to fight homelessness. On this episode of “Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast,” we discuss how the program, known as CARE Court, is ...
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Jan 12

LAHSA announces changes to 2023 LA County homeless count

  LAHSA announces changes to 2023 LA County homeless count The revisions include a new app to count unsheltered people, built by a "new vendor with years of experience developing apps" for similar counts, according to a news release.   Following some criticism over the accuracy of its annual homeless count, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority announced some changes on Wednesday, Jan. 11, ...
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Jan 10

L.A. County poised to declare state of emergency over homelessness crisis

    Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass was the first to act, last month declaring the homelessness crisis a citywide state of emergency, one as calamitous as any earthquake or hurricane. Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson asked his staff to draft a similar declaration hours after he was sworn in. It’s now the county’s turn. The Board of Supervisors is expected to approve a ...
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Dec 21

Teams begin moving homeless from encampments into hotels, motels under Mayor Karen Bass' new plan

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A new program designed to address homelessness in Los Angeles is underway, with teams moving those experiencing homelessness from tent encampments into hotels and motels. Mayor Karen Bass on Wednesday signed an executive directive for the new program, called "Inside Safe." The program, which Bass said will cost under $100 million, will use master leasing with motels to place ...
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Dec 13


HUD AWARDS ALMOST $14 MILLION TO LOCAL HIV/AIDS HOUSING PROGRAMS Funding offers stable housing for individuals and families at risk of homelessness WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of HIV/AIDS Housing announced it will award more than $13 million in Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Renewal and Replacement Grants, which ...
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Oct 6

California homeless population grew by 22,000 over pandemic

The first statewide snapshot of California’s homelessness crisis since the pandemic hit reveals that the number of people without a stable place to call home increased by at least 22,500 over the past three years, to 173,800. That’s based on a CalMatters analysis of the federal government’s point-in-time count, a biennial headcount of people sleeping on the streets and in shelters tallied by ...
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