Jul 18

Single homeless women in L.A. County suffer high levels of violence, new study finds

To help the more than 75,000 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County, officials have long tailored their programs to the needs of subgroups, including veterans, families and the chronically homeless. Another group eventually joined that list: single homeless women, whose numbers have been increasing and who, at 14,403, are nearly 20% of the county’s homeless population. Last week, researchers released the ...
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Jul 12

Letters to the Editor: As homelessness rises, board-and-care homes close. This is a huge problem

  To the editor: Reading your editorial on the state of our homelessness crisis, one has to wonder whether the editorial board is reading its own newspaper. The board cites the same mantra (that we need more affordable housing) as the numbers continue to rise. If only it were that simple. This crisis is born out of an ecosystem that is dysfunctional ...
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Jun 29

Homelessness Spikes 10% Across LA County Despite Flood Of Spending

LOS ANGELES, CA — Despite pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into shelters and affordable housing solutions, homelessness increased by about 10 percent across Los Angeles County over the last year, according to the most recent count released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Thursday. Over the last decade, the number of unhoused people in the county has nearly ...
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Jun 14

L.A. mayor reports that 14,000 homeless people have moved off the streets

More than 14,000 people experiencing homelessness have been moved off the streets during the first six months of her administration, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass reported Tuesday.   About 30%, or 4,332, acquired permanent housing.   An additional 10,049 people were placed in interim housing through city and county programs from December through May, Bass said — a 27% increase over the same period ...
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May 31

Homeless people fight to save lives, and stay alive, as L.A.’s fentanyl crisis worsens

    Next to a row of tents covered with blue tarps on Skid Row, Jasmine Paredes watched a friend scribble a message on a lamppost with a pink Sharpie: L.A. — Fenty is #1 killa — may God help us all. Paredes had recently lost two friends to fentanyl overdoses. She prevented a third death by performing CPR and administering Narcan, a ...
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May 15

L.A. County homeless services workers can’t afford housing themselves, study finds

Front line workers essential to solving Los Angeles County’s homelessness crisis do not make enough money to afford housing themselves, leading to burnout and high turnover, a new report has found. Researchers with Rand Corp., the nonpartisan think tank that published the report on Wednesday, estimate that the workers need to make $64,000 annually to afford a one-bedroom apartment, or $82,000 ...
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Apr 17

Mayor Bass seeks $250-million expansion of homelessness program in first State of the City speech

  In her first State of the City speech, Mayor Karen Bass announced a dramatic expansion of her signature program to move homeless people indoors, while also pledging to create “a new L.A.” Bass said she intends to propose $250 million for Inside Safe, which has been moving unhoused residents off sidewalks and into hotel and motel rooms, as part of a ...
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Apr 6

LA County plans to repurpose former Motel 6 in Whittier to create new housing for homeless

    WHITTIER, Calif. (KABC) -- The shell of a former Motel 6 in Whittier will soon be transformed into permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness. "Because we're repurposing a motel rather than building from scratch, construction will be completed in half the cost of a typical affordable housing development and in about a third of the time," said Cheri Todoroff, the executive ...
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Mar 19

L.A. strongly approves of Mayor Bass but skeptical about fixing homelessness, poll shows

  On the eve of her 100th day in office, Mayor Karen Bass enjoys strong approval ratings among Angelenos — a reservoir of goodwill that will be crucial for the new mayor during uphill battles ahead. Half of Angelenos approve of the job Bass is doing so far, while just 14% say they disapprove, according to a Suffolk University/Los Angeles Times poll ...
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Mar 8

How to turn those old RVs into a solution for homelessness

“The poor you will always have with you.” I’m not particularly keen on using Bible verses to prove a point, but it would appear that what Jesus says in Matthew Chapter 26, at least so far, has been true. (“The real and complicated reasons why Los Angeles still has so many RV encampments,” column, March 5) So, I propose the following ...
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