Dec 5

We can’t solve homelessness by institutionalizing people. Here’s why

  One of the greatest challenges facing the United States is the number of residents who do not have a place to live, one of the most basic, foundational necessities for well-being. In 2022, the Department of Housing and Urban Development counted 582,000 Americans experiencing homelessness. That’s roughly 1 in 556 people, a third of whom live in California. There are myriad, conflicting ...
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Nov 27

New tool to reduce homeless camps: L.A. County leases apartment building for former RV dwellers

    Looking back, life in the RV camp wasn’t all bad. There were some good people living in the clusters of RVs scattered throughout unincorporated Gardena. For Robert Almorejo, it was a community where everybody knew everybody. He earned money painting his neighbors’ RVs. There was a stake of a sort: he owned his own home. And there was one dear friend, ...
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Oct 28

To address homelessness crisis, L.A. County needs mental health workers, fast

  An $18,500 stipend to help pay for graduate school. Student loan forgiveness. Free on-the-job training. All license fees paid. And the chance to serve the under-served — “with dignity.”  “Do Worthwhile Work,” the new marketing campaign of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, highlights these perks on its website in the hope that job candidates will see the benefits ...
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Oct 20

L.A. City Council approves new West L.A. homeless facility

  A homeless housing project in West L.A., backed by Mayor Karen Bass and opposed by some neighborhood groups because of its proximity to residential homes, was approved by the Los Angeles City Council on Friday. The council, with exception of one member who was absent, voted unanimously in favor of the 33-bed facility on a city-owned parking lot at Midvale Avenue ...
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Oct 13

Fallout of Skid Row Housing Trust collapse big and small: broken promises, homelessness, lost dentures

  Nearly eight months after a fire left their downtown single-room occupancy hotel boarded up and uninhabitable, the building’s 22 former residents remain scattered and scarred. Some have become homeless. Others are unaccounted for. Another group remains in temporary housing, chafing under a nightly curfew and a no -guest policy, rules that didn’t exist at their previous residence, Skid Row Housing Trust’s ...
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Sep 29

Judge approves L.A. County deal for 3,000 mental health and substance use treatment beds

A federal judge signed off Thursday on Los Angeles County’s commitment to produce 3,000 new mental health and substance use treatment beds, settling a 3½-year lawsuit that alleged city and county officials had done little to address homelessness, while adding language to ensure the agreement was transparent and effectively monitored. “This is an extraordinary step forward,” U.S. District Judge David O. ...
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Sep 14

Can licensed tent villages ease California’s homelessness epidemic? This nonprofit thinks so

  The rows of white canvas cabin tents newly erected in an out-of-the-way quarter of Culver City, along the bank of Ballona Creek, have the ambiance of an Army field base. Miles to the east in South Los Angeles, more modest camping tents — like one might buy at a sporting goods store — line the parking lot of the shuttered Lincoln ...
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Sep 7

Over 40,000 eviction notices have gone out in L.A. this year, many to upscale apartments

  At Promenade Towers, a Bunker Hill apartment complex with 611 units that bills itself as “an urban oasis in the heart of downtown,” tenants received 371 eviction notices from late January through July. At 1600 Vine, a Hollywood building with 375 units that’s been known for attracting social media influencers who have posted from its balconies and manicured courtyard, 313 notices ...
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Aug 23

California homelessness in spotlight as Supreme Court is urged to consider the right to camp

WASHINGTON —   The Supreme Court is being urged to consider whether homeless people have a constitutional right to sleep on public sidewalks and camp in parks. City officials in California say they face a crisis of homeless encampments that has been made worse by the courts. At issue is a 9th Circuit Court ruling that invoked the 8th Amendment’s ban on “cruel and unusual punishments” to prohibit ...
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Aug 23

L.A. County fails to place older foster kids, leaving them homeless, lawsuit alleges

Los Angeles County is condemning older foster youth to long, destabilizing stints of homelessness and couch-surfing by failing to provide them with appropriate homes, a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges. In a 108-page complaint, attorneys with four law firms argue that L.A. County, responsible for the local foster care system, and the state of California, which monitors that system, are shirking ...
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