Location & Hours



CHIRP/LA is located at:

150 W. 24th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Email: info@chirpla.org
Phone: (213)741-1951
Toll Free: (877)7CHIRPLA




Open Monday through Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm.

It is strongly suggested to call and make an appointment

at 213.741.1951.


 New clients registering with CHIRP/LA must provide the following documents:

* Valid California Identification Card ID or Driver’s License

* HIV/AIDS Diagnosis form

* Proof of Income (GR or SSI print out, 3 months of pay stubs, bank statements, etc.)

* Proof of address (government document or current utility bill) "if applicable"

* Copy of TBRA or Section 8 Voucher "if applicable"