HOPWA Regional Offices



Please Click Here for the list of your entry into the HOPWA system of resources and services that will assist you with your housing needs. 


Through the Regional Center and satellite agencies you can access case management assistance; Section 8 and affordable housing listings; financial rental assistance programs; housing information; legal services; support animal advocacy and information; and many other supportive services that can eliminate barriers for People Living with HIV/AIDS from finding and maintaining permanent housing.



In order to access HOPWA programs, you must first register with a Housing Specialist at your Regional Center.  The Housing Specialist can assist you with locating, financing, and maintaining affordable and appropriate housing.


Contact your Regional Center to make an appointment with a Housing Specialist.


Please be prepared to take the following documents with you:

  Valid California ID or Drivers license

  Proof of income (GR or SSI print out, pay stub bank statements, etc.)

  Proof of address ( government document or current utility bill)

• Proof of HIV/AIDS Diagnosis