Project New Hope Transitional Residential Care

Project New Hope promotes and provides safe affordable housing and supportive services, for low and moderate-income individuals or families with disabilities (such as HIV/AIDS) and Seniors, living in Southern California.


Project New Hope has Transitional Residential Care Facility sites for homeless adults age 18 and older living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. They must have a Karnofsky Score of 70 or higher and a Global Assessment Functioning Scale of 65 or less.  Sliding scale fee, no one turned away for lack of funds or insurance.


Currently Project New Hope has transitional beds available. Accepting applications/wait-list additions. Please call the Facility Manager/Assistant Manager at (213) 384-5031 to apply and discuss the application process.


If you would like to get the application right away contact CHIRP/LA 213-741-1951. To view flyer please click here


More Info:

Brenda Cortes-Suarez, B.A.

Residential Facility Manager, TRCF

Project New Hope, Our House/Benton/Dallas

213-384-5031 Fax: 213-386-2093 Our House

310-675-9942 Fax: 310-675-9951 Benton/Dallas