GENE Therapy & HIV

Are you interested in new approches in possibly treating HIV infection?

You may qualify for an ongoing gene therapy research program in Los Angeles with the UCLA CARE center. 

 Volunteers needed for HIV gene therapy trials!

Gene Therapy & HIV:

Gene therapy in this clinical trial involves affecting the genes that allows HIV to enter and infect the cells. This study alters two diffrent genes to target the entry of HIV into uninfected cells and altering blood stem cells to reduce the amount of HIV that can replicate in the body. 

What are the benefits of participation?

Physical examinations, study medications, procedures and laboratory test related to the study are provided at no cost. Partipants will receive compensation for each completed visit once enrolled in the study. 

Eligibility Requirements:

To participate you must be between the ages of 18 to 65; HIV positive for at least 6 months; Have been undetectable previously and are no longer on treatment for at least 6 weeks prior to screening due to treatment fatigue or intolerance to HIV medications. 

To participate you must have a CD4 count above 500 cells at screening and never below 250 cells and a current viral load above 3,200 copies. You must not have a co-infection with Hepatitis B or C, have previously received a HIV vaccine or gene therapy, a history of steroid use, or have received a cancer diagnosis or chemotherapy in the last 5 years.

 For more information please call the UCLA CARE center at 310-557-9027 principal investigator: Ronald Mitsuyasu, M.D. or

West Seegmiller 310-557-9027 -