Feb 15

Vaccinating the homeless population for COVID adds a whole new layer of difficulty

  For Lance Curtis, the journey to receive the COVID-19 vaccine began with a phone call from Los Angeles Christian Health Centers.   Doctors and nurses had culled a list of nearly 900 homeless people they wanted to vaccinate. Their outreach workers walked the streets of skid row preaching the gospel of Moderna’s two-shot salvation.   And they sought out people in the community’s large ...
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Feb 10

The history of homelessness in Los Angeles points to new approaches

  Homelessness in Los Angeles was already on the rise before COVID-19 struck. But the health and economic fallout of the pandemic has left many more low-income residents on the brink of housing insecurity.   While recent statewide legislation prevents evictions through June and creates options to help Angelenos pay back rent, the homelessness problem could worsen significantly as the pandemic and business ...
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Feb 4

This year’s homeless count was canceled. Is it time to rethink it?

  Los Angeles County’s annual homeless count is a civic ritual bringing thousands of volunteers together in a common cause. It is also a reckoning with the shortcomings of all that’s been done to salve the county’s most perplexing human crisis.   So its cancellation this year due to the risk of spreading the coronavirus has had a multifaceted fallout — a loss ...
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Jan 29

Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill to extend COVID-19 eviction protections through June

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed an emergency bill that will extend through June eviction protections for Californians suffering financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic, acting just days before an earlier moratorium was set to expire.   Newsom’s action on the legislation followed the measure’s approval Thursday by the state Legislature and was aimed at heading off what many state officials ...
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Jan 27

Letters to the Editor: L.A. can’t fix homelessness without the federal government’s help

  To the editor: Whether or not President Biden’s proposals for building more housing are politically possible, the urgency is clear: We need a national solution to homelessness that draws on the much larger federal budget and more far-reaching federal programs.   They offer our best hope for solving the many challenges of successfully housing our homeless neighbors. At Venice Family Clinic, we ...
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Jan 12

Councilman Kevin de León wants 25,000 housing units for homeless by 2025

  When the Los Angeles City Council opens its 2021 term on Tuesday, Councilman Kevin de León will introduce a range of motions with the goal of creating 25,000 new housing units for homeless people by 2025.   The former state Senate president pro tem made homelessness a centerpiece of his run for the seat that represents skid row and includes the most ...
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Jan 3

L.A. homeless sites ‘overwhelmed’ by COVID-19: ‘These are the toughest times’

The day after Christmas, Dr. Heidi Behforouz, medical director for L.A. County’s Housing for Health program, sent out a call of distress.   People living in skid row shelters were being diagnosed with dozens of new cases of COVID-19, and Behforouz needed a place to send them quickly to isolate.   The call went to the Rev. Andrew J. Bales, chief executive of the ...
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Jan 1

How the pandemic led to a rare success in California’s effort to house the homeless

Natosha Johnson sat in a chair in the apartment building lobby, looking exhausted and rubbing her legs as her four children shuttled trash bags full of the family’s possessions into an elevator and then into their new two-bedroom apartment.   “It’s such a relief to be here,” said Johnson, 41, whose fatigue was a symptom of her lupus. “Our cramped situation was ...
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Dec 30

HIV and COVID-19: What Do We Know Now?

  Larger studies suggest people living with HIV might have a modestly higher risk of severe COVID-19, but much remains to be learned.   In the early days of the pandemic, POZ published a roundup of What People With HIV Need to Know About the New Coronavirus. Many HIV-positive people were concerned about their risk because immune suppression is linked to more severe COVID-19. What’s more, nearly half ...
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Dec 15

Homelessness is Day 1 focus for new L.A. council members Raman, Ridley-Thomas

  Los Angeles’ newest City Council members, Nithya Raman and Mark Ridley-Thomas, put forward proposals aimed at addressing homelessness at their first council meeting Tuesday, signaling the crisis will be a priority for both politicians.   Raman, who represents a district stretching from Silver Lake to Sherman Oaks, introduced a motion that asks the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and the city to ...
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