Oct 7

Are many homeless people in L.A. mentally ill? New findings back the public’s perception

Mental illness, substance abuse and physical disabilities are much more pervasive in Los Angeles County’s homeless population than officials have previously reported, a Times analysis has found. The Times examined more than 4,000 questionnaires taken as part of this year’s point-in-time count and found that about 76% of individuals living outside on the streets reported being, or were observed to be, affected by ...
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Sep 30

Some L.A. officials want a state of emergency declared as homelessness crisis worsens

Facing a deepening quagmire over homeless encampments, Los Angeles elected officials are increasingly looking to sweeping statewide initiatives to shake loose solutions. The latest proposal from Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and City Councilman Joe Buscaino would have the governor declare a state of emergency on homelessness in California. Supporters view such a declaration as a novel strategy to free ...
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Sep 11

California lawmakers act to keep landlords from refusing low-income renters

  SACRAMENTO —  California landlords would no longer be allowed to reject prospective tenants solely because they hold federal Section 8 housing vouchers under a bill passed by the state Legislature on Wednesday. Should Gov. Gavin Newsom sign it, Senate Bill 329 would prohibit landlords from issuing blanket denials against the 300,000 Californians who receive the vouchers. The program provides the largest direct federal subsidy for ...
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Sep 6

HIV prevention is making progress. And a breakthrough vaccine appears within reach

  First there were the drugs that could knock back HIV to undetectable levels, and the virus was no longer synonymous with a death sentence. Then came a treatment that allowed people who were HIV-negative to remain that way, even if their partners weren’t. But to truly defeat the virus that causes AIDS, doctors need a vaccine. And after decades of dead ...
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Aug 1

California has the most homeless people of any state. But L.A. is still a national model

WASHINGTON —  With tens of thousands of homeless people living on the streets, Los Angeles officials have increasingly found themselves as the subject of criticism for what many Angelenos see as a failure to keep up with a problem that seems to be getting worse. But across the country, L.A. isn’t considered to be a failure. To the contrary, at last week’s National Conference ...
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Jul 18

Lawsuit seeks to stop L.A. from seizing and discarding homeless people’s belongings

  In the latest salvo in Los Angeles’ long-running battle over encampment sweeps, seven homeless people filed suit Thursday asking a federal judge to stop the city from destroying property seized from tents and lean-tos on city sidewalks. The federal civil rights lawsuit seeks to strike down a city ordinance that allows sanitation crews to throw out so-called “bulky items” found in ...
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Jul 15

Novel HIV Vaccine Approach Awarded $129M

  Investigators led by Scripps Research will study vaccines that coax the immune system into creating antibodies that protect against HIV.The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded $129 million to the Scripps Consortium for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development (CHAVD), an international collaboration spearheaded by Scripps Research. Specifically, the funding will go toward the development of vaccines that induce the immune system to ...
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Jul 14

LA push to develop Skid Row prompts new clashes in California's homeless crisis

  City officials, developers and restaurateurs in Los Angeles are touting the renaissance of the city’s once-blighted downtown thanks to an explosion of trendy eateries, chic hotels and luxury apartments that have attracted thousands of new – and generally financially well-off – residents to the neighborhood in recent years. But just a few blocks south of the area where a set-course sushi meal costs ...
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Jul 3

New homeless shelter in San Pedro will offer ‘low-barrier’ entry, services

  Despite more than a year of planning amid strong community opposition, many residents remain unclear about how the city’s new A Bridge Home shelters will be any different from others that have gone before them. The Bridge Home program, launched by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, is designed to provide what is known as “low-barrier” shelters that accept people as they are. The ...
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Jul 2

Massive Infusion of $1B Goes to Tackling Homelessness in California, Los Angeles

  Sacramento, CA – The California State Legislature and Governor Newsom agreed this year to spend $1B to address the state’s burgeoning humanitarian crisis: homelessness. $650 million of that spending will fund the Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program, formerly known as HEAP, as an addition to the $500 million allocated in last year’s budget. The Chair of the Select Committee on Los Angeles ...
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