A lifeline in Hollywood for young homeless people

Give thanks for the nearly new Nikes, left abandoned beneath the 101 Freeway overpass. They were just M.J.'s size. He had needed shoes, but had no money to buy them. Give thanks for the tote bag, holding the Vienna sausages that Sam hands M.J. on Hollywood Boulevard. Sam is 4 1/2 months pregnant with her fifth child — their third together — and by April, when the baby is due, she and M.J. , both 26, hope to have a roof over their heads. Give thanks especially for My Friend's Place, provider of the sausages and so much more.The privately funded center perched above the Hollywood Boulevard exit is a haven where young homeless people can nurture fragile dreams.It gives them what food it can afford. It gives them clothes, clean underwear and socks, toilet paper, toiletries and hot showers.If and when they are ready, it gently helps them head toward self-sufficient lives off the street. In the meantime, it is their daily lifeline, which they huddle close by to grab.

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Article Date: 
Thursday, November 22, 2012