Jan 5

More than 1,200 homeless veterans living on Los Angeles streets still need housing

More than 1,200 veterans are living on Los Angeles streets, thwarting Mayor Eric Garcetti’s repeated pledges to end the city’s soaring rates of veteran homelessness, officials said Thursday. Faced with the highest number of homeless veterans of any city in the nation, Garcetti had promised to find housing for every homeless resident who served in the military, first by the end of 2015 and then by ...
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Dec 29

Gates Foundation Invests Up to $140 Million in Intarcia for HIV

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will invest as much as $140 million in closely held Intarcia Therapeutics Inc. to develop a device that could help prevent HIV infections. The Gates Foundation will provide $50 million upfront for Intarcia to develop an anti-HIV therapy that uses its implanted device. The foundation may give up to $90 million more in grants depending ...
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Dec 21

LA County Receives Nearly $105 Million in HUD Funds to Prevent and End Homelessness

Los Angeles, CA (December 21, 2016) –  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development this week awarded the Los Angeles City and County Continuum of Care (CoC) nearly $105 million in renewed and new grants to prevent and end homelessness. The figure represents the largest single award the LA CoC has ever received from HUD. The funds are part of ...
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Dec 18

How L.A. is housing thousands of homeless long before Proposition HHH units get built

New homeless housing to be built using the $1.2-billion bond Los Angeles city voters approved in November may be three to five years in the future. In the meantime, a program created by Mitchell H. Katz, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, is striving to get thousands of the most debilitated homeless people off the streets sooner. Using county and private foundation funds, Housing ...
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Dec 6

Quarter-cent sales tax measure to aid L.A. County homeless is placed on March ballot

After listening to a cavalcade of speakers praise them for a vote they hadn’t yet taken, Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously placed a quarter-cent sales tax proposal on the March ballot to fund homeless programs. The five supervisors voted with little comment on the measure, which is expected to raise about $355 million a year over its 10-year lifespan  if it ...
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Dec 1

Millions of lives have been saved, awareness is widespread, but hurdles remain as World AIDS Day is observed

In just six months between January and June, an additional 1 million HIV-infected people gained access to lifesaving treatment, according to figures announced in advance of World AIDS Day on Thursday. The news came as several promising studies of drugs that could hasten the elimination of the disease are headed toward preliminary human trials. According  to the United Nations Program on AIDS, huge progress has been made since 2000 and ...
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Nov 27

Motivated to make a difference, she helped find breakthrough HIV treatments

The gig:  From her office on the second floor of the Marion Davies Children's Health Center at UCLA, Dr. Yvonne Bryson works the phones in her role as protocol co-chair for a global health study on treating babies early for HIV infection. "We have a number of infants enrolled around the world in Africa, South America, the U.S.,” said Bryson, a foremost ...
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Nov 12

Report on L.A. City homelessness plan gives a sobering picture of the struggle ahead

Nine months after the Los Angeles City Council unanimously adopted a comprehensive plan to end homelessness, the first progress report on the plan, released this week, offered a sobering picture of the long and difficult path ahead. Proposals for storage lockers and toilets for street dwellers are stalled, new shelter capacity is being added at a trickle, and the city bureaucracy moving ...
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Nov 8

How the battle between Trump and Clinton could pave the way for L.A.'s $1.2 billion homeless housing measure

Los Angeles voters who persevere to the end of a busy ballot Tuesday will decide whether to tax the city’s property owners to provide housing for the homeless. Proposition HHH, the 26th item on the ballot, would authorize $1.2 billion in borrowing to accelerate the pace at which mostly nonprofit developers build permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless people. The bonds would be repaid by ...
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Nov 4

It’s time to take a stand against homelessness in Los Angeles

No resident of this city, regardless of where he or she lives, can claim to be unaware of the growing catastrophe of homelessness in Los Angeles. Few of us have not stepped over a homeless person in recent months or brushed past a panhandler or given a wide berth to a mentally ill street person wrestling with unseen enemies in a ...
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