Nov 8

How the battle between Trump and Clinton could pave the way for L.A.'s $1.2 billion homeless housing measure

Los Angeles voters who persevere to the end of a busy ballot Tuesday will decide whether to tax the city’s property owners to provide housing for the homeless. Proposition HHH, the 26th item on the ballot, would authorize $1.2 billion in borrowing to accelerate the pace at which mostly nonprofit developers build permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless people. The bonds would be repaid by ...
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Nov 4

It’s time to take a stand against homelessness in Los Angeles

No resident of this city, regardless of where he or she lives, can claim to be unaware of the growing catastrophe of homelessness in Los Angeles. Few of us have not stepped over a homeless person in recent months or brushed past a panhandler or given a wide berth to a mentally ill street person wrestling with unseen enemies in a ...
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Oct 27

NIMBYism rears its head again in L.A.'s fight against homelessness

The long-term solution to homelessness is to provide housing and services to people living on the streets. But in the short term, the homeless have other needs. One is storage space in safe facilities where they can keep their belongings and access them easily and often.  This is the surest and quickest way to relieve the blight and public safety hazards that result when homeless people ...
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Oct 24

Airbnb backs a campaign to build homeless housing in L.A. with a $100,000 donation

The home-sharing company that has been accused of helping to take thousands of units out of the tight Los Angeles rental market has become a major contributor to the campaign to build new homeless housing. A committee funded largely by Airbnb has donated $100,000 to promote Proposition HHH, the Los Angeles city measure that would raise tax dollars to help build 10,000 units for the chronically ...
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Oct 18

Fears mount over a homeless plan that residents say will 'end Venice as we know it'

John Moore, a shaggy-haired, full-bearded surfer, Venice resident and launcher of “ethically minded” brands and fashion lines, said he loves the history, diversity and creativity of his neighborhood. His family‘s lifestyle  — crafting, tandem skateboarding and eating on pillows in the backyard — has been celebrated as “haute bohemian” in online video and photo spreads. But Moore, 42, who came up with the name for Abercrombie & ...
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Oct 10

Homeless shouldn't face job discrimination just because they lack an address

Jeff Johnson served in the military for six years and then moved to Washington, D.C., where he found work in the construction industry. After suffering serious injuries in a robbery, however, he lost his job and became homeless. Johnson applied for many entry-level positions without success, and he now suspects why: There was a telltale black mark on his paperwork. “If employers ...
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Oct 6

Proposition HHH could finally make a dent in homelessness in L.A. Vote yes.

There are nearly 47,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County, 28,000 of them residing in the city of Los Angeles. They bed down in tents and sleeping bags under bridges and in doorways; they sprawl out in Metro train cars and stations. If they are lucky enough to have vehicles, they sleep in cars and campers parked on the street. ...
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Sep 16

L.A. expands homeless outreach program

A program intended to connect homeless Angelenos with housing and social services will expand into South Los Angeles next month, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Friday. The Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement initiative launched in the San Fernando Valley in May. The program connects L.A. Police Department officers with the city’s Sanitation Department, the mayor’s office, the city attorney’s office and Los ...
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Sep 12

L.A. officials launch campaign for homeless housing bond measure

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council members on Monday kicked off a campaign for an unprecedented $1.2-billion bond measure on the city’s Nov. 8 ballot that would develop homeless and affordable housing. “We stand at the precipice of what I think will be the beginning of the end of homelessness as we know it in the city of Los Angeles,” Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, ...
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Sep 6

L.A. County supervisors support city bond measure for homeless housing construction

Los Angeles County supervisors voted Tuesday to throw their support behind a city bond measure that would raise $1.2 billion to build new housing for the homeless. City and county officials passed a pair of plans early this year to address the growing problem of homelessness, but have both been casting about for ways to fund more housing and services in the long ...
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