Sep 12

L.A. officials launch campaign for homeless housing bond measure

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council members on Monday kicked off a campaign for an unprecedented $1.2-billion bond measure on the city’s Nov. 8 ballot that would develop homeless and affordable housing. “We stand at the precipice of what I think will be the beginning of the end of homelessness as we know it in the city of Los Angeles,” Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, ...
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Sep 6

L.A. County supervisors support city bond measure for homeless housing construction

Los Angeles County supervisors voted Tuesday to throw their support behind a city bond measure that would raise $1.2 billion to build new housing for the homeless. City and county officials passed a pair of plans early this year to address the growing problem of homelessness, but have both been casting about for ways to fund more housing and services in the long ...
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Aug 30

Time To Fund 'Permanent Housing' for Homeless

To the editor: Permanent housing with services is a proven, cost-effective approach to moving people from homelessness to stability, and opposing Proposition H will only let this crisis continue to worsen. (“The wrong way to fix homelessness in L.A.,” Opinion, Aug. 24) The nonprofit affordable housing community already builds 300 such apartments each year; with Proposition H, we can triple that to ...
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Aug 23

L.A. City Council asks Gov. Brown to declare homelessness a Statewide Emergency

In the latest effort to shake more money out of the state for the local fight against homelessness, the Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to press Gov. Jerry Brown to declare homelessness a statewide emergency. In response, the governor’s office said an emergency declaration was “not appropriate,” adding that local officials are in the best position to tailor homelessness solutions to ...
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Aug 5

LA Renters Fed Up Over Evictions as Rents and Complaints Rise

Los Angeles renters are filing more complaints over alleged evictions from rent-controlled properties, city statistics show. The spike comes amid growing concern by housing advocates over the loss of affordable housing for middle-income and lower-income residents across the city. It also comes as City Hall leaders acknowledge renters need more information about their legal rights.The city’s Housing and Community Investment ...
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Jul 14

L.A. has 46,874 people who are homeless. If we're not smart, we'll have 250,000 more

Tents in the Arroyo, sleeping bags on the beach, RVs parked on our boulevards. Heartbreaking visual manifestations of Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis are everywhere. The recent homeless count found that 46,874 people in Los Angeles County experience homelessness every night.As shocking as that number is, imagine for a moment that lined up behind each of those unsheltered human beings are ...
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Jul 12

County marijuana tax for homeless services to appear on November's ballot

Los Angeles County voters will decide this fall whether to tax marijuana businesses to help pay for housing and health services for the homeless.The ballot measure, approved Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors, seeks to take a potentially significant new source of government revenues, from marijuana sales, and use it to address one of the region’s oldest and most intractable problems. L.A.’s homeless population ...
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Jul 6

IHS Announces Funding Opportunity to Promote HIV/AIDS Prevention and Engagement in Care

Funding awards will expand activities to improve HIV prevention and care outcomes among American Indians and Alaska Natives The Indian Health Service (IHS) today announced a new HIV/AIDS prevention and care funding opportunity available to Indian Tribes, Tribal organizations and Urban Indian organizations. The funding is intended to meet American Indian and Alaska Native community needs to improve HIV prevention and ...
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Jul 5


  HUD AWARDS $24 MILLION TO RENEW SUPPORT TO 25 LOCAL HIV-AIDS HOUSING PROGRAMS Funding offers stable housing for individuals and families at risk for homelessness WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced $24 million in grants to assist more than 1,200 low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families annually. These grants provide a combination of ...
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Jun 30

'An end to all the excuses,' says L.A.'s chief bureaucrat in push for $1.8-billion homelessness plan

While guiding Los Angeles on its painful budget recovery, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana often had to be the naysayer.He told the city no to hiring, he told the unions no to raises and he told the voters no to fixing sidewalks and streets without new taxes.But when it comes to the city’s homeless crisis, Santana has a vision he believes ...
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